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Power Product Simulator

  • Competency : H/W,S/W & SYS
  • Problem : Requirement of H/W & S/W to test the ECU functionalities.
  • Solution : S/W and H/W development for ECU functional testing.
  • Project Scope :
    • Development of a simulator which provides all the required switch and pulse inputs to test the ECU functionalities
    • Software Design & Development
    • Hardware Integration
    • System Testing
    • Validation

Vehicle Suspension Dynamic Measurement System

  • Competency : H/W, S/W & SYS
  • Problem : Analyzing root cause of Field return product – Shock absorber.
  • Solution : Study of correlation of suspension dynamics using NI instrumentation through stress analysis
  • Platform : NI LabVIEW
  • Project Scope :
    • Design & Development of System Design
    • Design GUI
    • System Integration
    • Vehicle Level Testing

Rear View Camera Tester

  • Competency : H/W & SYS
  • Problem : Requirement of Automated Test System to do functional Testing of Rear View Camera
  • Solution : Developing a Test System for Rear View Camera Testing
  • Project Scope :
    • The scope of this activity is to integrate hardware to develop ATE for RVC Tester
    • Hardware Integration
    • System Testing
    • Building ATE
    • Validation

Seat Belt Extraction & Retraction Strain Measurement

  • Competency : S/W & SYS
  • Problem : To automate the testing of the strain measurement of the seatbelt to be within the comfort level of the user.
  • Solution : Design and develop Test bench software to measure the force and displacement of the seat belt webbing during extraction and retraction using Linear drive for an automated Seat Belt Test Set Up
  • Platform : NI LabVIEW
  • Project Scope : Software Design & Development, Design GUI System Integration, Validation