IoT Solutions for Manufacturing

Testamatic is your partner to leverage the strength of the Internet of Things for your Industrie 4.0 initiatives.

We provide targetted offerings to address certain key areas of your business:

Connectivity inside your factory:
Listen directly your machines in factory and understanding and get notified on their operational status. This information collected will increase your productivity and efficiency. Automatic predicting when a machine goes down and any possible future failures. You maintainance will move from proactive to predictive maintenance adding real value in long run.

Connectivity outside your factory:
We will work closely with your to get your machines connected before you ship to customers. Our plethora of test and monitoring systems integrated with state-of art hardware will provide you real time understanding of how your machines will actually work in real conditions. This system will help you predict how your customers use your product. Most importantly knowing how and why your machines fail.